Social responsibility has been central to the core values of Prabhat group of Companies. We have not only been proactive on compliance with regulatory requirements, but also have a road map to ensure sustainability of business, cultural integration and protection of animals. Keeping in tune with the business expansion Prabhat group has adopted the term society empowerment instead of corporate social responsibility. Empowered livelihoods is the demand of all social as well as business initiatives in the group. Prabhat group is a responsible corporate citizen and strives to give back to the community in its own way.


Tribals often experience passive indifference that may take the form of exclusion from educational opportunities and social participation. The importance of education as one of the most powerful means of bringing about socio–economic development of tribes cannot be underestimated. Saahas Trust works with children of tribal areas for their education and upliftment. It has organized many education camps and workshops to enhance the education level and wellbeing of children of tribal areas.


It undertakes development and charitable projects with a prime focus being towards education and medical relief to the downtrodden, providing assistance through publications, setting up libraries, workshops, building establishments and accommodation facilities. It also helps through scholarship and sponsorship of underprivileged students, health and wellbeing of general public through establishment and construction of hospitals and health centres, and with rehabilitation programmes for calamity stricken and war prone areas. As a holistic approach towards health and development, other functions include assistance in public health services and encouragement in sports and fitness.


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