Prabhat Group has been active in efforts in the skill development space and continues to contribute in a significant way. By joining hands and aligning to the national skills qualification framework, Prabhat Group emphasizes on the need for skill development and employment opportunities for the country’s youth and works towards a common objective of making India skills capital of the world. Prabhat Group has been appreciated by the national skill development corporation of India.


Prabhat Group of Companies has tied up with telecommunication companies such as tata, reliance, mts, airtel through which government has initiated measues to advance communication, enhance connectivity and drive internet uptake. The rising digital quotient of the country has transformed the way we live and communicate and Prabhat Group has played an active part in this through the“Make In India” and “Digital India” campaigns initiated by the government


Prabhat Group has partnered with MedScapeIndia, an NGO working for the betterment of the society. Medscape India is established with a vision of standardizing the duties and principle of medical practice and research, and highlighting the social responsibilities of the medical fraternity while motivating them to work as a single unit. Medscape India in association with other social organisations conducted series of program for preventive care of various diseases such as cardiac, diabetes, malnutrition, cancer.  Awareness campaigns such as breast cancer, HIV awareness marathon and save the girl child campaign are also held in different areas.


Prabhat Group believes that art & culture is an integral part of the overall development of society. Prabhat group has developed a web portal for art lovers by the name of “Sahitya Ganga” which is dedicated to literature and connects the youth to their root in this digital age. It has enlisted several e-books on its site to make reading easy. The website also promotes the upcoming artists and writers by connecting them to the right audience. The portal has been launched by General V.K.Singh. honourable minister of state for external affairs.

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